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Jan 2020:

Q: You’re really, really good at what you do - what inspired you to shoot film? What do your parents think?

A: Thanks. Much appreciated. I watched tons of films throughout my childhood. That was my main and almost only interest. I soaked up every movie I could get my eyes on. Later I got really hooked on music videos, this was late nineties, I was still very young. But I fell in love in all those artistic driven video that that were made back then, by Cunningham, Romanek, Glazer, Corbijn. Later I studied photography, and it felt natural to do films as well at some point from there.

My mom I know is very proud of what I do. Mostly because I found something to do that I like. She does not really understand the process of film making. She is always a little impressed with the films I do. My father died in plane crash when I was eight. He was an airborne photographer. Im pretty sure he is up there somewhere, being proud as well. Hahah.

Q: Your videos and shorts have lent on the dramatic side, but TV2’s Play is such a delight - I’m guessing you prefer the dramatic?

A: Yes I prefer the dramatic and darker stuff for sure. But Im a delightful person as well. I think a good blend is preferred. I like NOT to do the same all the time. I like to shift genres also. Tv2 is a commercial, it is a portrait of Denmark. Everything is real and documentary. It suits my background from photojournalism.

Q: Your best videos (Paris is burning, In Cold Blood) have a vivid, distinct idea in them and are shot with grace, do you have a favorite story behind them?

A: “Paris is Burning” is way back in 2008. It was my first UK commission and shoot in London. A lot went wrong on that shoot I remember. I was not that experienced back then. We shot the video in one single night in mid june. Shortest night of the year. We got so much behind schedule suddenly. We barely made the video before dawn. It was a stressful experience.

“In Cold Blood”. Was the opposite. A really great experience. A fun and artistic idea. It was just a great and smooth shoot. We shot the entire film and the mouse “in camera”. The band alt- J apparently loved the idea immediately when they read it. I had creative freedom to do the video, they just trusted me. They only had one single comment in the edit. I wish more artist was this supportive of the directors they hire.

Q: I want to get to your shorts, because this is where I see some of the most inspiring ideas - which shorts are you most proud of?

A: I like the short horror film I recently did, “I dare you”. This was written and executed really fast. Less than two months from idea to finished film. I think that is why it still feels fresh to me. It was rewarding and satisfying in itself, to do pull off (sic) something this quick. Im currently developing this short film into a feature film.

Q: I love, love, love your recent work (available at Vimeo), where do you see your career headed?

A: Im focusing mostly on narrative work now. Im working on short films ideas, documentary ideas, as well feature film ideas. Mostly in the dramatic genre. I definitely see myself do more narrative work in the future, ideally with a personal approach and touch to it.

Q: Any thing else happening?

A: Im always busy with commercials. Which is nice. Its fun, quick, and often has good ideas and budgets. But I need to do personal projects on the side. Otherwise I go crazy. Im currently working on a documentary about a female wrestler. Im really excited about how it is turning out. Will finish it later this year.

Thanks alot.